As the calendar flips its pages towards the jingle bells and countdown cheers, let’s bring a bit of Lal Gulab magic into our homes with décor, food and holiday mood! And we know that holiday mood calls for tasty food! Let’s dive into the art of baking and whisk in the New Year with Lal Gulab’s premium quality Atta and Maida that add a pinch of joy and a dash of tradition to our celebrations.

Lal Gulab Atta: The King of Wheat, Fit for a Feast!

Our Lal Gulab Atta is not just any Atta; it’s the “King of Wheat,” the Sharbati Atta. Sweeter in taste and better in texture, it’s the heart and soul of wholesome meals in Indian households. Packed with the goodness of whole wheat and loaded with dietary fiber, this Atta is the perfect partner for your culinary adventures. Here are some of the unique items you can try making this Christmas & New Years!

Traditional Chakki Grounding for Fluffy Flatbreads: Crafted with traditional chakki grounding and zero Maida content, Lal Gulab Atta takes your flatbread game to the next level. The wheat absorbs more water, resulting in soft, fluffy flatbreads that has a sour and fresh taste that melt in your mouth. 

Whole Wheat Cake Extravaganza: For a festive twist, envision a Whole Wheat Jaggery Cake using Lal Gulab Atta. The rich, sweet flavor of jaggery combined with the wholesome goodness of whole wheat creates a delightful treat for your New Year’s spread. Dust it with a touch of powdered sugar, and you’ve got a show-stopping dessert!

Lal Gulab Maida: Baking Fun Made Simple!

Now, let’s talk about Lal Gulab Maida, the refined flour that makes baking easy and fun. Made from the best wheat, it’s not just an ingredient; it’s your ticket to a world of tasty possibilities.

Baking Tasty Garlic Bread: Think of this – making Whole Wheat Garlic Bread at home using Lal Gulab Maida. It’s simple, and the Maida’s fine texture gives your garlic bread that restaurant-style touch. It’s not just baking; it’s creating delicious moments to share with your loved ones.

Healthy Muffins: With Lal Gulab Maida, whip up quick and healthy Whole Wheat Banana Nut Muffins, by adding almonds, pistachios, cashews or maybe walnuts. They’re not just muffins; they’re guilt-free indulgences for your festive celebrations.

As we welcome the New Year, let Lal Gulab be your joy ingredient, creating memories through simple recipes. Tried our recipes? Share the happiness on Instagram and Facebook. Let’s spread the Lal Gulab magic together!

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