4 Reasons To Partner With Us:

Our dealers are our partners

The biggest reason for LAL GULAB's success has been its system of distribution and the close customer relationships it fosters. We communicate fully, frequently and honestly and provide extraordinary support to our dealers.

We do not bypass our dealers for short-term gain or turn on them to avoid short-term pain. When we see particular dealers not performing well, we jump in and help them; we want our “Dealers” to succeed.

Consistent pricing policy

Commodity markets are volatile and the prices can be unpredictable. Our effective pricing management system protects a potentially lucrative relationship with our partners.

Regular supplies

For a company to successfully do business, it must have the products, materials and/or services that the customer needs. Running out of stock not only damages the reputation of a business, but it can also create large financial losses due to the lack of sales.

Our stock management system ensures that there is an appropriate level of stock for all situations.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Lal Gulab follows an exclusive distribution policy, wherein the appointed distributor will be the sole distributor with the right to sell the product within a particular geographic region or within multiple regions.

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