100% Whole Wheat Flour For A Healthy Tomorrow

Abstract: Since the history of mankind, grains and flour are considered an integral part of the staple food due to their high nutritional supplements. We have been coming across various generations who prefer things that are made organically instead of processed and refined food products. Wheat is an important part of our meal plan, so it should be chosen carefully. 


Aloo paratha, Poori, Chapati, etc. so many dishes, and the main ingredient for all of them is WHEAT FLOUR. Isn’t it obvious that the staple needs to be of the best quality? Of course, the kind of whole wheat flour we feed our family needs to be undiluted and not processed. To win in the market for taste preference, every brand is processing whole wheat flour with something or the other. These products have deteriorated the nutrient value and health properties derived from them. The whole west flour that is derived organically does not undergo any sort of refinement which makes it completely safe for consumption by everybody. 

Various kinds of organic wheat flour are available in the market either online or offline. A few of them are- Organic wheat atta, Sharbati Atta, and Chakki fresh atta. . These flour packs are prepared traditionally and they are rich in all the necessary vitamins and minerals for a healthy body. 


  • Whole wheat flour- The Chakki Fresh Atta is made from high-quality seeds which are harvested for grinding organically, then it goes through a 3-step cleansing process. It is grinded in a traditional Chakki and packed most hygienically. This whole wheat flour is rich in fiber and 100% vegan and 0% Maida in it. This flour has multifold purposes like good skin and hair, super strong bones, high metabolism, and more health benefits associated with it. 
  • Swaragini Chakki fresh Atta- This flour is nutritious and wholesome in every form. The grains are picked from MP and they are thick, short, and plump. The chapatti made from this Atta is super fluffy and soft. Why settle for less-quality grain when you can get freshly harvested and organically processed wheat flour? 
  • Sharbati Atta- It is a premium quality atta that is produced from the ‘King of wheat’ and it is sweet in bite and consistency. The dietary fibers present in wheat flour makes it restorative in content. The thing that makes it special is that it requires more water while kneading the flour which makes the Chapatis softer. 


Anything that is restorative and nutritious in value is very promising for health. Avoid using wheat flour which is processed without adding any chemicals or additives. Organic wheat flour is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. A few of the health benefits are- 

  • Shuns Obesity– The right portion of good fat and protein helps in accurate weight management. Switch to whole wheat flour that is organically harvested and produced. 
  • Fast digestion– The wheat flour that is rich in dietary fibers helps in easy digestion and resolves the issue of constipation. 
  • High Metabolism – Lesser the metabolism, the higher the risk of getting ill and acquiring more weight. Wheat flour, which is sufficient in nutritional supplements, is good for our health. 
  • Get rid of Diabetes- The younger generation is more prone to diseases like diabetes due to their eating habits and consumption of adulterated food products. Choosing the right quality of organic wheat flour can help us fight diabetes. 


Various other health benefits can be associated with organic wheat flour. If you wish to keep your kitchen home for health and nutrition, then having a preference for good quality food products is a must because our future leans on what we gobble today.

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    If you are looking for some healthy and nourishing what flour options, get your hands on the options available at Shreeparag.com like- Sharbati atta, Swaragini chakki fresh atta, Lal gulab atta, etc. These wheat flours are processed in an organic manner without losing the essential nutrients of the grain. You must try them!

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