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Reliability and Authenticity Are Cardinal for The Distributors


Abstract: Creating a business idea and making it work is interesting but what makes it more fascinating is the verisimilitude with which the distributor or the brand works for its consumers. It is of immense importance that the consumer or the retailer trusts the distributor if the product is made with hygiene and pureness.


There are two facets of running a brand-  A Distributor and A retailer. Both of them have to work in sync and with utmost transparency to make the customers trust the brand name and its products. The Distributor refers to a person or a company that creates the goods or manufactures them and then hands them over to the retailer to sell them to the final consumers.

There are two types of distributors-

  • One who sells his brand to the retailer to sell it further in the shop.
  • One who sells the manufactured products to retailers who can further sell them by labeling them as their own brand.

In both cases, the distributor must try to keep the products unadulterated and chemical-free.


Everybody’s work has its perks and flaws and food manufacturers are no less. They have many advantages associated with them which can be utilized on a correct platform. If a Distributor makes organic food products and sells them with their label, they know the procedure by which the food products are made and what is their precise nutritional value.

For instance, if two people run an online store- One is the distributor and the seller itself and the other one is the retailer who is selling other food labels. Customers are bound to trust the person who is the manufacturer and the seller of the product because the person has more knowledge about the item they are selling than the ones who have only the knowledge about the product which is passed onto them. Similarly, many retailers purchase the food items like- Oil, Atta, Cereals, Besan, Maida, etc. from the Distributor under the name of their brand. This carries concessions for the retailers and the distributor because the Retailer saves the time and money of manufacturing the product, while the Distributor is selling the organic food products via the retailers to the maximum consumers, also they are a name or the label on whom the retailer or the consumer is placing their trust in the reliability of their food products. This broadens their exposure in the market and gives them the recognition that their genuineness is competent.


Every food trademark in the market is racing for selling its brand under any circumstances but not many are concerned about the nutritional value and the process of manufacturing food products. The consumer of today is more aware and conscious of the product they are consuming, so every manufacturer or distributor must make sure that the food items are organically processed and unadulterated because they have been trusted with this responsibility. There needs to be clarity between the manufacturer and the consumer about the food products which are being sold and consumed. Not only it helps in the easy expansion of the brand throughout the market, but also makes it a preferable choice for consumers. The distributor must be true to the nutritional value that it mentions on the pack of the product because it conveys the sincerity with which the Distributor is working to make health and nutrition the supreme priority for its customers over money and success.

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    This is 100% a fact that a distributor needs to be transparent and reliable for the customer’s. They shouldn’t follow adulteration because this is what will make them different from other distributors like

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