Add Lal Gulab Sooji In Your Daily Diet

Healthy Reasons to ADD SOOJI to Your Diet!


Abstract: Indian cuisines are unique and so are the ingredients used in them! There are so many options for breakfast but Semolina, also called Sooji, is one such option that can take so many avatars like Halwa, Fries, Ladoo, etc. It is important to add semolina to our daily diet to boost our health. 


Sooji is one of the main ingredients used in most Indian snacks to add flavor and crispness to them. It is a coarse and purified form of wheat that goes through several stages of cleansing but Sooji is a little darker and off-white as compared to wheat flour. It is a smart staple choice for the kitchen for anyone who cooks and loves to add flavors. 

Semolina is an opulent gluten and high protein ingredient and it is affluent in other nutritive values too. It is a much better option for breakfast because it is light on the digestive system as compared to oily food like paratha which we gobble up in the morning. It is good for the heart as it contains fibers that protect our heart and keeps it healthy. Therefore, the nutritional value of Sooji helps care for the overall well-being of a person and safeguards us from multifarious harmful factors. 

Sooji can be used in countless ways to make dishes wholesome and tasty- 


    • Sooji Pudding.

    • Sandwich

    • Semolina cake 

    • Golgappe 

    • In cookies and other bakery items. 

    • Ladoo

    • Idli

    • Dosa

    • Uttapam 

    • Dhokla 

We can devour all these dishes guilt-free because Sooji is the main ingredient used in their preparation and it is rich in fiber, iron, potassium, and other nutrients that make it a better choice for a meal or snack. 


Isn’t it better to have an ingredient like Sooji that is naturally processed in your kitchen than one which is refined? Always look for healthy alternatives to add to your meal plans. Sooji is Sattvic in disposition and helps in building our immunity and health. It has a low glycemic response which makes it a palatable option for us to include in the kitchen. Being a rich source of Potassium, Iron, and Fibers, Sooji holds multifarious health benefits- 


    • Good for heart– Sooji is prosperous in fiber so it ameliorates the risk of developing any sort of heart disease because the fibers present in sooji help to lessen the LDL level and blood pressure. 

    • Boosts Metabolism – Sooji is a good source of energy but it also helps to boost the metabolism and keep our body recharged for the entire day. 

    • Reducing Weight – The fiber content present in Semolina helps us to lose weight easily because it has the potential to repress the functioning of the hunger hormone and the protein content assists to keep us potent for a longer time. 

    • Rich in antioxidants– Antioxidants are essential for developing our overall immunity and health. Sooji has a good content of antioxidants present in it which prevents our cells from deterioration that is induced by the free radicals. It reduces the overall risk of wrinkles and other symptoms related to aging 

Thus, Sooji is not only used for making the recipes flavorsome but also due to various health benefits it beholds. You should also add it to your daily meal plan for a better version of yourself. 

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    Sooji is one of the staple ingredient that is available in every Indian pantry. There are so many reasons to add sooji in your diet as I also learned lately like it helps to lose weight, provide instant energy, good for diabetic patients, etc. but what is most important is to look for a brand that sells pure and additive-free sooji, so you must shop it from to enjoy the myriad health benefits of sooji by losing on the essential nutrients.

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