Lal Gulab Besan - A Wholesome flour

Besan - A Wholesome Flour

Abstract: Talk about Ladoo, Dhokla, Khandvi, Cheela, Pakoras, etc., and with each name, we keep drooling. But what is shared among all these dishes? The main ingredient of all these yummy dishes is Gram flour/ Besan. We have been watching and hearing about this flour type since our childhood but only a part of us are conscious about choosing organic Besan. 


Besan/Gram Flour has been utilized in various recipes all over the nation for a long period. We cannot think of any such state that does not take advantage of this extraordinarily flavored and nourishing flour in an assortment of dishes like Pakoras, Kadhi, Cheela, or Sweets. Most of us are aware of gram flour or ‘Besan’ as it is popularly named in India, for beauty purposes too. When used in an authentic style, it can accomplish stupefaction to enrich the quality of your skin. 

It is really important to go ahead with a brand that believes in selling natural and unadulterated Gram flour. Besan is produced by crushing the chickpeas or Chana dal into a subtle powdered form and then put in hot water to the mix. This blend is then swirled until it develops a dough-like texture. Besan, if processed employing the conventional grinding technique, allows for maintaining the aroma and the realistic flavor of the Chana dal. The nutrients too are kept intact as the flour is not adulterated with harmful chemicals to enhance the taste. Besan is gluten-free, increased in fiber, and prosperous in protein and iron content. The primary component in Besan is gram flour, which is a derivative of ground chickpeas. 


We all love devouring yummy and different assortments of dishes but do we care about the health benefits of the main ingredient that is being used in making those meals? Yes, everyone cares about what they consume on a daily basis, so it is important to choose a label of Besan that sells natural gram flour rather than adulterating it with chemicals to enhance the taste. Anything organic and natural is always best in taste and holds many health benefits- 

  • Gram flour is rich in protein and contains healthy fats- Besan is a wealthy source of proteins and constitutes healthful fats that support in enhancing memory capability and attention. 
  • A good option for gluten-allergic people- Besan is gluten-free and hence the ideal substitute for people who suffer from gluten intolerance or merely desire to chop down their grain intake on a regular basis. 
  • It assists to replenish skin- Besan has a similar texture to sand particles, so it can work as an exfoliating agent. It is also incredible for your skin as it helps tighten pores, diminish acne and lighten up your skin tone. 
  • It helps to strengthen the immune system- Organic gram flour has Vitamin B6, Zinc, and Vitamin A, which aids in making our immune system. It also guarantees comprehensive absorption of all the necessary nutrients by the body.
  • Gram flour supports weight loss- It contains Glycemic, a substance that is learned to accelerate the calorie-burning procedure. Besan also comprises an abundance of fiber and protein – the nutrients that can enable you to lose those extra kilos. 
  • Gram flour is a wholesome alternative for the fitness of your heart- It consists of soluble fibers that dissuade from edifying blood lumps and diminishes the threat of stroke.

And the list of why you must opt for natural gram flour goes on! There is so much more to it than flavor. With Besan, you can prepare innumerable sweet and spicy dishes like Dhokla, Pakoras, Cheela, Kadhi, Fafda, Ladoo, etc. So, now you can take pleasure in scrumptious meals without the remorse of acquiring extra weight or spoiling your health.

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